Who Would Like A Traveling Merchant?

So we have been thinking a lot about the trading mechanic that has been given to the villager. We would like to propose a new mechanic: the traveling merchant. The traveling merchant will be a different kind of NPC that has a rare chance of spawning. For reference: it will have a slightly higher than the spawn chance for spider jockeys. He’s the same species as the villagers, but he’s always on the move. He will be followed by an iron golem at all times, and he will trade more exotic goods. For instance: enemy drops, bones, ender pearls, glowstone, eyes of ender, gunpowder, rotten flesh, etc, and he gives a fairly better price than regular villagers as well. He will despawn if you venture too far away from him, or if he stays within a confined area for a set amount of time. This to prevent players from abusing the feature and trap him as they run to get supplies.

Now that we think about it, the iron golem should an exotic and agile gold golem that is better for guarding a traveling rather than sedentary mob. Perhaps it could t follow and defend the merchant similar to wolves with the player; it could even use spells or fire arrows. Also he could sell nether items or even potions.

What do you guys think?