Who Would Like A Traveling Merchant?

So we have been thinking a lot about the trading mechanic that has been given to the villager. We would like to propose a new mechanic: the traveling merchant. The traveling merchant will be a different kind of NPC that has a rare chance of spawning. For reference: it will have a slightly higher than the spawn chance for spider jockeys. He’s the same species as the villagers, but he’s always on the move. He will be followed by an iron golem at all times, and he will trade more exotic goods. For instance: enemy drops, bones, ender pearls, glowstone, eyes of ender, gunpowder, rotten flesh, etc, and he gives a fairly better price than regular villagers as well. He will despawn if you venture too far away from him, or if he stays within a confined area for a set amount of time. This to prevent players from abusing the feature and trap him as they run to get supplies.

Now that we think about it, the iron golem should an exotic and agile gold golem that is better for guarding a traveling rather than sedentary mob. Perhaps it could t follow and defend the merchant similar to wolves with the player; it could even use spells or fire arrows. Also he could sell nether items or even potions.

What do you guys think?

Minecraft Aether Mod

Perhaps the biggest Minecraft mod for a long time was the Nether mod, which was essentially Minecraft in hell, or the netherworld. This gave players access to a new, darker world where survival was even harder, angry mobs of other players and creatures around every corner. Of course the Nether mod was just the first step for alternative worlds for Minecraft. Because if there’s hell, then you need to have heaven, don’t you? That’s where the bigger and brighter Aether mod came into play, and it’s the latest advancement in the Minecraft game today.

Aether, the old Greek word for breath of the gods, is a brighter world with new and different places for players to explore and new resources for them to use. It is essentially the sky realm of a Minecraft world. To get there, you need to build a portal to the Aether from the standard world using glowstone, and then activate it with a bucket of water, allowing you to transcend dimensions. Even though it is heaven like, it’s important for players to remember that not everything is rainbows and harps in the Aether. The realm is full of original mobs and creatures, as well as hazards that can take you out even easier than those in a regular Minecraft world or in the Nether dimension.

So what will you see in the Aether? Well, flying pigs is probably one of the first mobs that you’ll encounter, along with heavenly whales that are also swimming through the air. The pigs can be saddled and ridden without training, but when the sun goes down watch out for the cockatrices. They are not nice, and chances are good that you’ll meet your end at the hands of one or two of them before you get used to travelling through the Aether.

Additionally there are three levels of dungeon in the Aether mod. The dungeons are gold, silver and bronze, and the loot that they offer you cannot be found anywhere else in Minecraft. But you need to defeat the boss of the dungeon first, since you can’t break up the blocks and move on until you’ve managed to do that.

The Aether mod, as mentioned, is the biggest mod yet. Not just in terms of making a bigger world, but in terms of sheer size and power it takes to run. Standard Minecraft wasn’t as demanding due to low graphics and such, but Aether, while not a great deal prettier, just has so much more happening in the game itself. As such, players should have a powerful gaming computer with the ability to back up the gamer’s desire with the proper amount of electronic muscle. If you don’t, then you’ll never be able to fully enjoy the mod properly.

Minecraft Servers Shaky

As many of you may already know, the service of the Minecraft servers have been kind of shaky recently. There are a couple of hick ups with the skin system on Mojangs end for the 1.3 update that needed to be re-written because peoples code could not manage the massive load.

Mojang has released a public apology for this mishap, which is very admirable. Many corporations are not able to confess wrong doing, or mistakes. Mojang continually impresses us with their transparency and commitment to being open and part of the community that it has created.

Let us take a moment to reflect on how far Minecraft has come since there was only one single Minecraft.net server. Now it has evolved and exploded into a tightly coupled ecosystem of services and instances which in most aspect is pretty huge. There are failures that happen, but there are redundancies in the system that largely correct these minor failures.

As for now, it is important to note that this hick up is not over yet. Login will still be a little shaky until 9am tomorrow morning when the database finishes doing its routine checkups. Until that time arises, may we suggest going outside for a brief time and taking a fresh breath of air?

Nether boat

We’ve all been there: exploring the nether, and all of a sudden, we are faced with a unpassable lava ocean. We are then forced to gather hundreds of nether brick, and then we must make the perils journey of stacking those bricks 1 by 1 across the ocean and hope to high heaven that a ghast does not knock us off. Well, we just may have come up with a solution to this problem. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you our greatest idea to date: a nether boat made out of nether brick. Better yet: a boat that has been enchanted which will be able to float across lava.

Yeah, this idea is better than a boat made out of nether brick. That would be too easy. With this system, one will be allowed to cross a lava sea in the nether, while still paying a steep cost to do something on such an epic and amazing scale. We think that the level of enchant required should be pretty high, considering the awesomeness of what this idea will allow the player to do. ON another note, when was the last time anyone heard about the sky dimension being added to the game? Those guys at Mojang need to get their act together.

Minimalist Minecraft Posters

So there is this Minecraft fan who has been coming out with a staggering array of very popular and high quality minimalist Minecraft posters that we think you should know about. The guy goes by the name of DonMildreone and he has just released a new photo which we have made the featured image for this article. The image depicts one of the new temples that have been added in the 1.3 update. Specifically, one of the temples that are in the desert biome. It features one single cactus and a lot of empty space.

Minimalism was pioneered in the seventies by an artist formerly known as Prince Sinatra. Before him, art used to be gaudy and full of things that were in the picture that did not necessarily need to be in the picture. Sinatra changed all of that. After his influence onto the art world, there were no more paintings that did not house the bar minimum of what was needed for a painting.

And now we find ourselves in an interesting position: art, high art, which could be lauded by millionaires and billionaires all over the world, is now being posted for free on Minecraft communities. Who would have imagined that a game like Minecraft would ever become such a huge medium of art and creativity?

Fire Should Be Un-Nerfed On Hardcore

So back in alpha,  fire used to be one of our favorite things in the game of Minecraft simply for the reason that it was insanely dangerous and hard to control. One wrong move and you could burn an entire forest to the ground. Our favorite example of this power being this tutorial gone wrong which is actually what first convinced us to buy the game.

Now, we can understand why fire was nerfed, it made griefing far to easy and lead to a lot of people accidentally destroying stuff they had put hours and even days in to creating. So for the normal difficulty, having it in its greatly diminished form does make sense.

However, on Hardcore, the game is different. First off, if something does go terribly wrong you generally loose the whole world anyway, so burning down a wing of your base isn’t the really that big of a deal. Furthermore, when you play hardcore, you expect it to be “hardcore” and we think more dangerous (un-nerfed) fire would definitely fit with that theme.

So what does everyone else think? Should fire be made something to be reckoned with again in hardcore, or do you prefer it in its now nerfed form?

Minecraft server for multiplayer gaming

There are a lot of games available in the world from which we can take all the great fun entertainment for life. Free games like Minecraft are sufficient to give all the great fun for life. The game is beautifully designed by the Swedish company with so many games on the iOS and Google Play Store. Playing games in your leisure time always provide significant help to recover all the body health and mental fitness where it is still found that the person who regularly plays games on the mobile and other gaming consoles healthy as compared to the others did not play any games in life.

Minecraft game office duties and activities like making so many only items that are available in all exist in the world. You can do wonders in making all the items by using all the tools given in the main section of the game, Just made all items like Car Vehicle hills mountains and soon the game to prove your ability to make worldly things against the other Gamers for the world.

Today I will show you some secrets of making the secure server for multiplayer gaming in the Minecraft game. The question of creating a secure server only asked on the Internet; that is why many companies try to answer the question by producing some recent articles over the Internet.

  1. The game is available for single player gaming or multiplication; it is a phone you and your choice how to play the game. If you want to play the game in a multiplayer mode, you need to be some service from which I can able to play all the group matches in the game.
  2. You to visit the main menu came to hit the at service in the game. The addition of more and more assistance in the game helps you to get all the entertainment by playing the games with all the friends and colleagues who leave from distant places from where you live.
  3. It is also very essential to know that addition of service in the game always bring some States according to the security of the computers and mobiles it is highly recommended you to add only servers or friends who are reliable to you.
  4. Also, get some plugins and download service all software for the game security. You can download all the plugins and software from various internet websites, which is always free access. Other websites also offer decent themes and feeling attractive Colors for the service, which is mostly liked by The Gamers of the world to play the game in the Minecraft server.
  5. Getting all the useful information about the making of the server always helps us to make a secure server at home or offices.

I can say that all the words given in the document are sufficient to assist you in making the secure server for multiplayer gaming in the Minecraft game. Just follow the basics and provide the article to start playing the game in multiplayer mode.

Minecraft servers tutorial

Minecraft is one particular game that offers decent activities in the game, which is enough to provide you ample help in getting all the entertainment and fun. You can download the game from the various sources of the world. The game is available on Google and ios to play stores, and you need to give little money to download the game from the internet sources. There are many features available in the game, which will amuse in the home or in the office where we all work to get all the bread and butter for life. You need to understand the basics of the game to get all the great fun from the playing of the game.

Many gamers in the world want to play the game in a multiplayer mode, and you can play group games in the Minecraft also by adding several servers in the game, which is quite useful to get all the fun of group playing in the game. Below I will tell you some essential points over the making of secure servers in the game follow all the articles to get all the decent knowledge about the game.


To play multiplayer gaming on the mobile or computers, we need to use the proper sleep of the internet. You cannot take all the best of performance in playing the group playing without a decent speed of the internet. So it is better to get some proper plans for the making of the right servers in the game Minecraft game. Low rate of the internet will bring some lagging problem in the game, which is always a curse for the gamer who wants to take all the best of experience of playing the game in a group.

Good experience

Playing multiplayer games always provide ample fun in the mobile and computers. You always get some specialized knowledge about the game by playing all the international players in the game. You can do wonders in playing the game with the extra advantage of playing the game with other players from other parts of the world. So it is always suitable for your experience, which is still wanted by all the players in the world.

Adding server

Adding more and more severe in the game will not affect your gaming experience; in fact, it will enhance your style playing the game. Minecraft is one particular game that requires multiplayer gaming to give all the unique experience of playing the game on the mobile or the computers. However, we all know that adding more and more machines in the game will affect our equipment and mobile performance because it is always a chance of being hacked by the hackers of the world. So it is better to use only reliable sources to add in the gaming server for the Minecraft game.

All the words given in the article are enough to provide you proper knowledge about the game, which is always wanted by the gamers of the world.

Minecraft the way home…

Players lurking around searching for the way home level code, it’s finally out there.

I’m going to get straight to it, the code is: VRB CMM XMF

It was already confirmed by many different Minecraft players, please let us know if it works for you!


Minecraft bees?

I play on pc and I don’t see any Minecraft 1.15 but I see all these posts about bees, any suggestions?

So how does it work if I’m on an old world? Will bees/beehives spawn on existing chunks, or will they only spawn on chunks that were generated after the snapshot? Some people say they will generate in new chunks generated in the snapshots.