Nether boat

We’ve all been there: exploring the nether, and all of a sudden, we are faced with a unpassable lava ocean. We are then forced to gather hundreds of nether brick, and then we must make the perils journey of stacking those bricks 1 by 1 across the ocean and hope to high heaven that a ghast does not knock us off. Well, we just may have come up with a solution to this problem. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you our greatest idea to date: a nether boat made out of nether brick. Better yet: a boat that has been enchanted which will be able to float across lava.

Yeah, this idea is better than a boat made out of nether brick. That would be too easy. With this system, one will be allowed to cross a lava sea in the nether, while still paying a steep cost to do something on such an epic and amazing scale. We think that the level of enchant required should be pretty high, considering the awesomeness of what this idea will allow the player to do. ON another note, when was the last time anyone heard about the sky dimension being added to the game? Those guys at Mojang need to get their act together.