Something I need in vanilla

Tue Nov 22. 2022

Something I need in vanilla

It's been a while since I've been thinking about some things that will improve in the mechanics of this game, from 1.4 forward, so I want to share these ideas with more people, who knows someday, like sheep meat.

1 – Tank

It's been a while since I've been wanting to stockpile lava, since it warms up a lot of items when used in the furnace, but it's very unpractical to store lava, since we have two options that are: Spend enough iron and fill a booth or make a room to throw all the lava.
This last option is impractical, since the chanses of dying is large and takes up a lot of space.

it did not have to be complicated, it could be something static (not portable), and only fit 5 buckets, this would help a lot in the mechanics of the game.

2 – Cooked egg

I do not understand until today because this recipe does not exist, a long time ago when people started playing minecraft, the first thing that I tried to do with an egg was to cook it, of course it never works with any other player.

This egg could have a low saturation level because it is easy to collect eggs.

And if you're thinking “one more food in the game, no,” I say that at 1.13 we had seaweed which is a lousy food despite giving bulk, and I have not seen many people complaining about it.

3- quiver arrow

I already had some snapshot that was shown a quiver arrow, but apparently this idea was not forward, now with the crossbow this would combine a good cool, mainly because you have an extra slot to store your flicks.

4- Lava calderon

You can put water in a cauldron, but it's kind of sad not to be able to do the same with the lava, because it would be a good place to store the lava without burning the hole and could use the trash to burn the items, I know the cactus already has this function, but would be cooler with lava.