Minecraft Servers Shaky

Thu Dec 22. 2022

Minecraft Servers Shaky

As many of you may already know, the service of the Minecraft servers have been kind of shaky recently. There are a couple of hick ups with the skin system on Mojangs end for the 1.3 update that needed to be re-written because peoples code could not manage the massive load.

Mojang has released a public apology for this mishap, which is very admirable. Many corporations are not able to confess wrong doing, or mistakes. Mojang continually impresses us with their transparency and commitment to being open and part of the community that it has created.

Let us take a moment to reflect on how far Minecraft has come since there was only one single Minecraft.net server. Now it has evolved and exploded into a tightly coupled ecosystem of services and instances which in most aspect is pretty huge. There are failures that happen, but there are redundancies in the system that largely correct these minor failures.

As for now, it is important to note that this hick up is not over yet. Login will still be a little shaky until 9am tomorrow morning when the database finishes doing its routine checkups. Until that time arises, may we suggest going outside for a brief time and taking a fresh breath of air?