Minecraft Bedrock Edition – Portal at Stronghold?

Wed Jan 4. 2023

Minecraft Bedrock Edition – Portal at Stronghold?

As the title says, made a new world for Minecraft 1.14, and have put a great deal of effort into creating my base. Then I found a stronghold at 141, 71, 744, which was around 5000 blocks from where I was building.

It was a great effort to get here and as far as I can tell there is no portal. I have made a copy of the world after 4 hours of searching out of frustration and couldn't even locate it with TNT blasting.

Worst of all – the eyes of ender just want to lead me back to this location.

I've heard before of people on here who basically take your seed and “hunt” the portal for you so I was wondering if anyone could be of assistance.

Can TNT blow up end portals?