Minecraft Aether Mod

Mon Jan 16. 2023

Minecraft Aether Mod

Perhaps the biggest Minecraft mod for a long time was the Nether mod, which was essentially Minecraft in hell, or the netherworld. This gave players access to a new, darker world where survival was even harder, angry mobs of other players and creatures around every corner. Of course the Nether mod was just the first step for alternative worlds for Minecraft. Because if there's hell, then you need to have heaven, don't you? That's where the bigger and brighter Aether mod came into play, and it's the latest advancement in the Minecraft game today.

Aether, the old Greek word for breath of the gods, is a brighter world with new and different places for players to explore and new resources for them to use. It is essentially the sky realm of a Minecraft world. To get there, you need to build a portal to the Aether from the standard world using glowstone, and then activate it with a bucket of water, allowing you to transcend dimensions. Even though it is heaven like, it's important for players to remember that not everything is rainbows and harps in the Aether. The realm is full of original mobs and creatures, as well as hazards that can take you out even easier than those in a regular Minecraft world or in the Nether dimension.

So what will you see in the Aether? Well, flying pigs is probably one of the first mobs that you'll encounter, along with heavenly whales that are also swimming through the air. The pigs can be saddled and ridden without training, but when the sun goes down watch out for the cockatrices. They are not nice, and chances are good that you'll meet your end at the hands of one or two of them before you get used to travelling through the Aether.

Additionally there are three levels of dungeon in the Aether mod. The dungeons are gold, silver and bronze, and the loot that they offer you cannot be found anywhere else in Minecraft. But you need to defeat the boss of the dungeon first, since you can't break up the blocks and move on until you've managed to do that.

The Aether mod, as mentioned, is the biggest mod yet. Not just in terms of making a bigger world, but in terms of sheer size and power it takes to run. Standard Minecraft wasn't as demanding due to low graphics and such, but Aether, while not a great deal prettier, just has so much more happening in the game itself. As such, players should have a powerful gaming computer with the ability to back up the gamer's desire with the proper amount of electronic muscle. If you don't, then you'll never be able to fully enjoy the mod properly.