Fire Should Be Un-Nerfed On Hardcore

Mon Jan 23. 2023

Fire Should Be Un-Nerfed On Hardcore

So back in alpha,  fire used to be one of our favorite things in the game of Minecraft simply for the reason that it was insanely dangerous and hard to control. One wrong move and you could burn an entire forest to the ground. Our favorite example of this power being this tutorial gone wrong which is actually what first convinced us to buy the game.

Now, we can understand why fire was nerfed, it made griefing far to easy and lead to a lot of people accidentally destroying stuff they had put hours and even days in to creating. So for the normal difficulty, having it in its greatly diminished form does make sense.

However, on Hardcore, the game is different. First off, if something does go terribly wrong you generally loose the whole world anyway, so burning down a wing of your base isn't the really that big of a deal. Furthermore, when you play hardcore, you expect it to be “hardcore” and we think more dangerous (un-nerfed) fire would definitely fit with that theme.

So what does everyone else think? Should fire be made something to be reckoned with again in hardcore, or do you prefer it in its now nerfed form?