Villager just won’t change profession

I wait until the time is between 2000 and 9000, but I can’t change the profession. The villager has full access to their bench, which in my case was a Lectern, but it just won’t change it’s profession.

The villager can also access his own bed. The villager won’t change from Librarian no matter what I give it. I already tried Composter but no change. Brewing stand, same, no change.

I just want to keep switching him from Librarian to nothing so I can get much needed Mending books which I have had no luck with so far and the closest village to me is pretty far away and tedious to move villagers, even though the villager in question is just near my house.

Sorry if this is worded a bit strangely but I’m having a tough time understanding everything about these new villagers and stuff. If it helps, I have been trading with him a lot for emeralds and right now, the villager is an Expert, so could that be why it isn’t changing?

Something I need in vanilla

It’s been a while since I’ve been thinking about some things that will improve in the mechanics of this game, from 1.4 forward, so I want to share these ideas with more people, who knows someday, like sheep meat.

1 – Tank

It’s been a while since I’ve been wanting to stockpile lava, since it warms up a lot of items when used in the furnace, but it’s very unpractical to store lava, since we have two options that are: Spend enough iron and fill a booth or make a room to throw all the lava.
This last option is impractical, since the chanses of dying is large and takes up a lot of space.

it did not have to be complicated, it could be something static (not portable), and only fit 5 buckets, this would help a lot in the mechanics of the game.

2 – Cooked egg

I do not understand until today because this recipe does not exist, a long time ago when people started playing minecraft, the first thing that I tried to do with an egg was to cook it, of course it never works with any other player.

This egg could have a low saturation level because it is easy to collect eggs.

And if you’re thinking “one more food in the game, no,” I say that at 1.13 we had seaweed which is a lousy food despite giving bulk, and I have not seen many people complaining about it.

3- quiver arrow

I already had some snapshot that was shown a quiver arrow, but apparently this idea was not forward, now with the crossbow this would combine a good cool, mainly because you have an extra slot to store your flicks.

4- Lava calderon

You can put water in a cauldron, but it’s kind of sad not to be able to do the same with the lava, because it would be a good place to store the lava without burning the hole and could use the trash to burn the items, I know the cactus already has this function, but would be cooler with lava.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition – Portal at Stronghold?

As the title says, made a new world for Minecraft 1.14, and have put a great deal of effort into creating my base. Then I found a stronghold at 141, 71, 744, which was around 5000 blocks from where I was building.

It was a great effort to get here and as far as I can tell there is no portal. I have made a copy of the world after 4 hours of searching out of frustration and couldn’t even locate it with TNT blasting.

Worst of all – the eyes of ender just want to lead me back to this location.

I’ve heard before of people on here who basically take your seed and “hunt” the portal for you so I was wondering if anyone could be of assistance.

Can TNT blow up end portals?

How do I play on my Minecraft world?

Hey, I made a world on Minecraft PE and I used the newest version.

I wanted to use an older version to play on the same world but whenever I click on that world it says I can’t use it because it’s a different version.

I was wondering, how can I change the world setting or anything to be able to play in that world without updating my game, I want to play in an older version.