Minimalist Minecraft Posters

So there is this Minecraft fan who has been coming out with a staggering array of very popular and high quality minimalist Minecraft posters that we think you should know about. The guy goes by the name of DonMildreone and he has just released a new photo which we have made the featured image for this article. The image depicts one of the new temples that have been added in the 1.3 update. Specifically, one of the temples that are in the desert biome. It features one single cactus and a lot of empty space.

Minimalism was pioneered in the seventies by an artist formerly known as Prince Sinatra. Before him, art used to be gaudy and full of things that were in the picture that did not necessarily need to be in the picture. Sinatra changed all of that. After his influence onto the art world, there were no more paintings that did not house the bar minimum of what was needed for a painting.

And now we find ourselves in an interesting position: art, high art, which could be lauded by millionaires and billionaires all over the world, is now being posted for free on Minecraft communities. Who would have imagined that a game like Minecraft would ever become such a huge medium of art and creativity?